Our Histroy

Yaacoub Boghos and Sons was founded in 1965.

Société Boghos S.A.L. emerged in 1980 as an exchange company with license number 69 from the Central Bank of Lebanon. This company deals in the wholesale of precious metals and is a wholesale currency exchanger.

Société Boghos S.A.L. specializes in selling and buying precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In addition to its specialization in precious metals, it exchanges various Arab and Foreign currencies into and from US dollars.

Société Boghos S.A.L. has been a most competitive and credible exchange company in Lebanon besides providing the local market with a big portion of its supply of precious metals.


Our Mission


Boghos S.A.L. offers most competitive prices to its clients, because, in turn, they aim to offer the best prices to their own customers. Meeting local demand and keeping customers satisfied is what Boghos S.A.L. is all about.

Our Mission

Another important component of Boghos S.A.L.’s methodology involves quick payment, part of the customer relationship management.

Boghos S.A.L. focuses on its relationship with its clients, and knows that good CRM is the source of good business. Emphasis is placed on the relationship with the company’s clients, because it reflects well on all parties involved.

A primary concern at Boghos S.A.L. surfaces from the idea that the company’s clients, governed by the guidelines of the industry they operate in, keep a close and meticulous eye on current trading prices.


Value of our

Boghos S.A.L. is a local leader in the wholesale exchange and precious metal industry. Having a prominent presence requires strength, commitment and good moral fiber. Adherence to a set of values benchmarks the rights and wrongs of a corporation and its employees.

It is the only success formula which promises and delivers. Success is not only achieved by healthy financial management, for what’s the use of a company which can count but does not do so properly? Values help gain the trust of clients, shareholders, suppliers, and the community as a whole.

The values which apply to Boghos S.A.L. as a company, also apply to the individuals working within.


value passion
and motivation


value learning
and innovation


value accountability
and dedication


value honesty,integrity
and respect




Yaacoub Boghos was the founder of the mother company Yaacoub Boghos and Sons. Ever since 1925, Yaacoub Boghos had a history intertwined with gold as a cornerstone of his jewelry business.

The corporation he founded was later left to the care of his family, and sons, and where specialization was known to be key.

This company today is a family owned and operated company, which conducts it business in Lebanon and the surrounding region. It is a wholesale jewelry business selling pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and the finest in Italian jewelry.