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With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have built an outstanding reputation on all levels and achieved a high customer retention rate.

• At our exchange branch, you can buy and sell all major foreign currencies, and we cater to retail and wholesale clients. Whether you:

• Want to travel abroad
• Need a foreign currency to import products or
• Invest in a foreign currency

We offer the most competitive rates.

We also replace damaged banknotes (subject to conditions).


• Call, text, or visit our branch to get a quote on the currency you wish to buy or sell

• Fix the rate if you have previously exchanged at our office and completed the KYC form.

• Settle the deal within two business days.


What types of currency does Boghos offer?

Boghos offers a variety of foreign currencies, including the UAE Dirham, Qatar Riyal, Bahraini Dinar, Jordanian Dinar, Kuwaiti Dinar, Egyptian Pound, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, , European Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Peruvian New Sol, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, South Korean Won, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Taiwanese Dollar, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira, U.K. Pound Sterling, U.S. Dollar, and Vietnamese Dong. Boghos also provides customers with various tools and services related to currency exchange, such as historical currency rates.

What is the exchange rate for foreign currencies?

Supply and demand market forces determine foreign currency exchange rates. The exchange rate used by the IRS to convert foreign currency into U.S. dollars is based on the date the foreign currency is converted to U.S. dollars by the bank processing the payment.

Does Boghos offer a debit card?

No, Boghos does not offer a debit card. However, Community Bank offers an ATM card to access your account worldwide through thousands of AFFN or PLUS network locations. You may also use your Community Bank ATM card at select point-of-sale terminals. Additionally, they offer free, 24-hour access to your money in dual currency, and nearly 300 ATM locations dispense U.S. dollars and local foreign currency.

Does Boghos offer discounts on currency exchange?

No, Boghos does not offer discounts on currency exchange. Instead, they provide very competitive currency exchange services with no hidden fees. This is starkly compared to the airport and hotel exchange desks, which charge higher exchange rates due to their convenience and often levy hidden fees. For the best bang for your buck, using credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, or ordering foreign currency cash from a Boghos branch for immediate delivery is recommended. It would help if you also avoided dynamic currency conversion and cash advances, which are not recommended for exchanging currency.

How can I find out more information about Boghos?

1. Visit our website at www.Boghos.com

2. Learn more about our services by clicking the "Learn More" link on the homepage.

3. If you have questions or need more information, click the "Contact Us" link.

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