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Why is Platinum So Expensive? 9 Reasons to Invest in this Precious Metal

A Shining Introduction to Platinum

The shine, shimmer and strength of Platinum

Ever lay eyes on Platinum? It's a beauty! This precious metal magnifies a diamond's sparkle with a unique charm of cool, icy hue. A rare mineral, it gleams with 95% purity, while the rest, a mere 5%, consists of alloys.

Acknowledging the value of Platinum

Platinum's worth? Beyond the pale! Its rarity is quite a tale. Just 0.005% of the Earth's crust houses this mineral. That's largely why this dazzling metal is pricier than Gold or silver! But its price is more than what meets the eye. Let's delve deeper, shall we?

why is Platinum so expensive?

Physical Powerhouses: The Properties of Platinum

All about durability: Understanding the strength of Platinum

What makes Platinum strong? It's one solid rock! Its strength tops the charts among metals. Impressively tenacious, Platinum doesn't crack or chip. It's your perfect pick for an heirloom treasure, owing to its longevity. Mint Joseph's platinum medal from 1789? Proof that Platinum stands the testament of time!

The Weighty Aspects: Platinum's Density

Why is high density a boon for Platinum?

Think high density is a bane? You're dead wrong! It's Platinum's lofty ticket! Dense Platinum means more Platinum. More of it gives your trinkets that heavy, luxurious feel. Sturdier, less chances of damage. It's this high density that sets Platinum apart!

Comparing densities: Platinum vs. Gold

When it comes to density, Platinum vs. Gold is a dramatic showdown. An ounce of Platinum has a lesser volume than an ounce of Gold. Meaning? Platinum is noticeably weightier than Gold for the same size. Try holding a platinum ring and a gold one. Feel that difference? Those extra grams make Platinum more enduring!

Challenging Productions: Manufacturing of Platinum

How is Platinum manufactured?

Manufacturing platinum is an art in itself. It starts with mining the platinum ore - a cumbersome task. Shove in 12 tons of ore, see it crushed, heated to 3,215 degrees, and behold! You get an ounce of the magic mineral. It's a hefty process but it's worth every drop!

Why is Platinum production complex?

Nailing platinum production? Not quite a Sunday stroll! This intricate process takes you on quite a ride. Milling, froth floatation, air blast- name it! It's not easy dealing with a mineral with such a high boiling point. Platinum's production is no cakewalk, explaining its hefty price tag!

Platinum as an Investment Option

Platinum: The haven for investment

Platinum as an investment? Sure bet, folks! It's a haven for investors looking to diversify in precious metals. Why? Platinum keeps up with inflation, prevents your hard-earned cash from devaluating, and is less likely to fall. The price might shake, but it hardly ever crashes down!

Current trends in Platinum investment

Turning to 2021, we're catching whiffs of a new platinum trend. Platinum coin bars they're the talk of town! Investors are incredibly wide-eyed about this shiny metal. Its lack of availability even causes price surges. Trends show investing in Platinum is indeed as priceless as the metal!

In conclusion, this blog post has shed light on the fascinating world of Platinum, explaining why it is so expensive and makes for a compelling investment. From its rarity and physical properties to its high density and complex manufacturing process, Platinum is a unique and enduring precious metal. If you're interested in delving deeper into the world of Platinum, you can explore more about it at https://boghos.com/pgms.php#platinum.